Sex Toys For Men: It's On The Rise

Sex Toys For Men: It's On The Rise
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Join us on our quest to drop the stigma of men’s sex toys once and for all! Sex toys for men is on the rise. Here are the best sex toys to meet every man’s sexual desires and fantasies


For many years it seems male sex toys were only ever looked at as a funny joke amongst the lads, strolling in the bar with the 5’4 inflatable sex doll in tow with edges sharper than a kitchen knife. Did any man ever dare fathom the courage to stick his cock in one of these PVC dick slicers? Who knows, the thought itself is enough to make you quiver.


No man can deny that masturbation relieves the build-up of pressure tenfold. Whichever which walk of life you come from, the one thing us men for sure have in common is the relief that is brought to each and every one of us by tossing one out. So why is it that most men spend more of their time browsing for that perfect porno, than they actually do having a wank?


Would you believe us if we told you that we can make masturbation better? There is a whole array of male sex toys on the market. How about stop spending so much time browsing through porn (for now) and spend more time on making the best 3-5 minutes of your day that more exhilarating- I’m giving a generous time scale for some of us.


We won’t bore with you with each and every toy that is available to you, which would take all day to read. Instead we have put together a summary of the best sex toys for men which have brought male sex toys into the new age from shady and strange, to the norm and shifting attitudes to a more modern-day outlook on masturbation with male sex toys.


Thankfully it seems somewhere along the line, after many years of success selling sex toys for woman, someone thought hey maybe men would like a decent sex toy too. Then came the Fleshlight.


Fleshlight, hell yeh!


Fleshlight pretty much put male sex toys on the mainstream market. The creation of this little spice of life in 1995 was the beginning of the new age of sex toys for men. So why is it in 2018 we are still sat here wondering why there is still such a stigma when it comes to male sex toys. Is it that us men are just so used to the cheeky chug as the norm when it comes to relieving that sexual tension, that anything else is just deemed odd? Or is it that guys just don’t like to admit that they will use sex toys on themselves?


Whatever the answer may be, it has been for far too long that this stigma has been lurking around! Let’s throw it out the window and say, male sex toys are here to stay. For so many years it has been all about female sex toys, so guys it is about time we also get to have some fun for ourselves.


When it comes to sex toys Fleshlight have mastered that simple, easy to use aid to sexual gratification. It is just a no-nonsense piece of kit, no frills or manuals required- because let’s face it, who reads the instruction manuals anyway? Just literally plug (ahem, excuse the pun) and play. It is every man’s ideal sex toy with little to no maintenance required, if only everything else in life could be as simple as the Fleshlight.


But these suckers went and upped their game, if they weren’t good enough already they upgraded the Fleshlight by adding a vibrating option. Who doesn’t love vibrations though?


If you are sat there thinking well, you have just turned my easy maintenance toy into a chore, no thanks. You shall be pleased to know that you are mistaken. They have made it no more hassle that plugging your phone in to charge, just pop in the vibrating bullet and off you go, it is as simple as that. Our Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch Masturbator will be sure to get you there as if it was your first time all over again, at least you won’t have to apologise to a toy for the pump, pump, squirt.


It has been perfectly designed with one of man's core needs in thought - sexual pleasure. You can thank Steve Shubin later for his perfect invention.


The Handy Man


Many guys prefer manually choking the chicken. I mean, the hand is likely to be the most stable relationship in any man’s life and has probably served you hundreds if not thousands of cum shots. We get it, you may be loyal and not want to stray too far into the unknown.


If this is so, then we have the answer for you. We at All Night Lovers introduce to you, the cock ring.


The cock ring is as literal as its name. Stick it over your cock all the way to the base and do your thing. Although they look relatively basic, do not be deceived. They are designed to help you produce and maintain a harder erection by applying pressure and restriction to blood flow, leading you to a very stimulated and explosive ejaculation.


Cock rings are particularly good for men that are looking to have an erection that will hang around for longer, which will increase sensitivity in many men. I think that fact is enough of a selling point itself. Next begs the question, should I buy a plain cock ring or a vibrating cock ring?


The cock ring itself remains the same, except the vibrating cock ring has an extra attachment which a bullet can be placed in. To buy a vibrating cock ring would make more sense in the fact that you are given the choice whether or not today you are in the mood for some vibrations or just simply for that extra strong hard on. Effectively two for the price of one!


If you decide a cock ring is for you to try out, then here is a bit of advice. Don’t wait until you are already as hard as a sledge hammer before slipping it on, a flaccid or semi-erect penis will make for a much easier and pleasant application. No man wants any dry friction, if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of such, then it is almost certain that you would not want the same to happen again- cue the tight-lipped cringe face!


The not so silly range


Looking for your perfect sex toy can be from a cock ring or something as close to the real thing as you are going to get. If realism is what you are seeking then the ‘Fuck Me Silly’ range will be right up your street.


This isn’t a sales pitch, these mega masturbators sell themselves. Look at the reviews and you will see for yourself. These bad boys are the sex toy equivalent of state of the art computers.


It can be all your sexual desires put into one amazing toy. Do you have a preference? Ass? Tits and pussy? Doggy style? These options are available for you to choose. They don’t get any closer to the real thing than this.


These sex toys are designed for the horny sex hungry beasts among us and at least with these toys they will be able to last longer than you every time, without giving excuses of why they don’t want to have sex each night.


Everyone likes Suction


I think if there is one thing most men will agree on that if there was one style of foreplay they could replicate, it would be a blowjob. Unfortunately, what we cannot promise you is that using this particular sex toy will feel the same as a blowjob. What we can promise you is there is 100% chance of no teeth accidentally making a connection on your extremely sensitive cock (ouch!).


Just pop the Pipedream Extreme Tip Teazer Power Pump Vibrator over your head (I hope we don’t have to explain what head we are referring to) turn her on and feel that suction! When it comes to vibrating sex toys for men, this toy scores high on the list.


It has a tight vacuum seal with the option of using a powerful vibration. There is now a safer way when looking for a powerful suction than getting the vacuum cleaner out, you may laugh but is not unheard of and we do not advise it!


Everyone loves a freebie, or a little added extra when parting with that hard-earned cash. The good news is with this particular toy it comes straight from the box ready to go including batteries, lube, toy cleaner, different sized silicone donuts and of course the toy itself. Saving you all that faffing around once it arrives, allowing you to get straight to it.


Ready, set, GO!


Whether you are browsing for the next level up of masturbation for the first time or have a collection of sex toys most pornstars would envy, it is all about finding that toy that suits you best. For some that may be a toy as simple as the cock ring, for others nothing less than a life-sized realistic masturbator will hit the spot. The best thing about being able to buy sex toys for men online is that no matter what you buy, it will arrive straight to your door without postman Pat or your nosy Nora of a neighbour knowing what treasures are hidden within- all our packages are completely discrete.


Let’s drop that stigma and all be allowed to enjoy using sex toys openly. Tell us about your favourite sex toys in the comments section to get this ball rolling.

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