Men's Sex Toys - How do you choose?

Men's Sex Toys - How do you choose?
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Whether you're new to sex toys world or just want to spice things up in the bedroom...we've got you covered.

Our comprehensive guide will help you choose that perfect "new friend".


As the world evolves, so does online shopping. Men, gone are the days when you need to sneak in and out of high street stores to find that perfect sex toy to spice up your love life, when you can buy sex toys for men online!


What are the best elements about buying men’s sex toys online? For starters you have 100% less chance of bumping into your mother on the high street, asking questions like, ‘what have you bought?’ You also get to browse from the comfort of your own home, spending the necessary time researching the toys which would be most suitable for you. Instead of hasty shopping and buying a product unsuitable for your needs.


New to using male sex toys? Not to worry! Whatever your sexual preference be it penis, vagina or even both, there is a male sex toy for you available. Open your mind to the endless possibilities sex toys can offer you. Scroll through our sex toys men online category, there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s desires or fantasies.


Try starting with something small like a cock ring, it will fit securely at the base of your penis causing increased sensitivity all the way through the shaft, to the head of your penis. Not sure if it will fit? Cock rings are incredibly versatile and are amazingly flexible, so will offer a snug comfortable fit for most men. Then there are vibrating cock rings, pulsating gentle and sensual vibrations with every thrust! It’s a little gadget that no one should do without. If you get lucky enough, it can also offer fun for both parties. Be careful though, this little gizmo could very well end the action sooner than expected. Just be prepared for the awkward, ‘this has never happened to me before’ chat, just as precaution.


Are you looking for something you can really get yourself stuck into on those lonely nights? Browse through the vast range of sex toys for men and see what is there for you. Find toys such as a realistic feeling masturbator or something a little more discreet that is pocket sized, that can be taken with you when on the move. Maybe something that you could take into the toilets after a stressful board meeting to relieve the tension or on a lunchbreak at work?


Life is about experiencing and trying new things. Let’s face it the same is boring. Who doesn’t want to cum for longer, harder or even multiple times per day! At least with a new sex toy you can do what you want with it, when you want. 


A very popular choice for men is the Fleshlight or Fleshjack range. Both come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colour and body parts. Have a favourite pornstar? Well this range even offers exact body castings from the worlds most desired pornstars. Now you can watch your favourite pornstar online and enjoy pleasuring yourself with a replica of their genitalia at the same time. Another huge bonus is that the semen is contained inside the sleeve, making it mess free! Now you can bin that special sock you always planned on disposing. The Fleshlight and Fleshjack range accommodate to men of all lengths and girths, to find that prefect size to meet the individual user needs. Due to its compact size, it can fit in your luggage or stow in the bedside cabinet easily. Are these not discrete enough for you? Then check out the Fleshlight sex in a can. Designed to be discreet, with all of the same perks as any other Fleshlight or Fleshjack! That way if you have family or friends come over and you accidentally leave it out, your secret will remain safe. Just don’t let Scrappy the dog get his paws on it or he might blow your cover by parading it around the house, that could get awkward to explain. These crafty male sex toys come with an extensive variety of extras. You can stick it on the wall if you feel like a bit of hands free action, or for those extra lazy days you could even buy a phone mount, then all you have to worry about is not letting the neighbours hear. 


Some people prefer sex toys that have a more realistic feel to it than their silicone or rubber competitors. There are a whole host of realistic masturbators to choose from, ranging from male and female genitalia to many other body parts that people find sexual pleasure in. If you want it, you can probably find it! All the products within the range offer a realistic feel, but with varied price tags. The term real-feel is a generic term for different materials that are composed to give a natural look and feel. Some of the examples found online are Fanta Flesh, CyberSkin, Real Feel Super Skin etc. All of these offer a sensation intended to feel as close to the real deal as possible. Another amazing extra is that real feel products, unlike many other materials, will maintain the body temperature with continued friction. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you are on the home run and then the cold shoots you back down! In other words, as long as you can continue going, it’ll feel warm. 


Its only recently the range of male sex toys have become that more exciting with a touch of imagination, compared to the female counterpart sex toys. Its almost like for a while men were just left to the good old-fashioned palm and her five sisters whilst the woman were getting all of the fun. Now it’s looking like there is a brighter future in men’s sex toys! That could be something like a penis sleeve. Although they sound much scarier in text than in real life, it kind of has that chinese finger trap ring to it. Penis sleeves come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Mainly, they offer pleasure by adding pressure to the erect shaft, enabling one to maintain a longer, harder erection.  Some expose the penis head, meaning the user will still feel all the soft touches and thrusts stimulating the sensitive nerve endings, leading to an explosive ejaculation. It will also offer your partner a lot of physical stimulation with the soft ridges, spikes and bumps. Leaving your lover pleading you for more. 


When it is just left to you to flog the log, beat the meat, choke the chicken or whatever phrase the single man prefers to use when masturbating. Those lonely cold nights of the same routine, can become a bit stale. Let’s bring a spark back into that ‘me time’ and be a bit more adventurous. Ever heard of a TENGA egg? Whoever named it wasn’t really thinking of sexy or appealing words, but anyway, it’s a tiny toy packing a powerful punch. On first inspection it doesn’t look like much, but give it a chance to prove its worth. It’s a small super elasticated egg featuring a variety of patterns in each egg. Apply the lubricant inside the egg, put it over your penis and off you go. Feel every movement more than you have ever before! Although designed for single use, if you don’t get too carried away the first time, should last multiple times. With a sweet little price tag, it’s really a no brainer!


There is that age old saying, you should try everything once. Although you can say as much as, ‘anus’ to many men and they won’t want to hear another word, unless its them doing the inserting. Anal stimulators are largely underestimated with men, purely as a fear or lack in confidence in trying something new. Men, if you didn’t already know your prostate gland lies within your anus. The prostate gland is an extremely sensitive gland that is excited when stroked or having direct pressure applied to it. Yes, that means having to have something inserted in there to find it. Don’t fret it’s no further in than a couple of inches. Real inches, not a man’s two inches, which I’m sure in this case most men would be happy to hear. A quick online search will probably show you some surprising evidence of the wonders these little toys can offer. Do not forget to use lubrication and offer a gentle touch when inserting these, do not rush into it and relax. You may soon forget its even there until that critical moment when your muscles around the prostate gland starts pulsating readying for ejaculation, then can you understand the beauty of prostate stimulation.  


There are hundreds of different sex toys to choose from. Sex toys can offer a major improvement to sex lives for the singletons and those in relationships. Making a choice on which sex toy to buy can be confusing for those who are new to it, if that is the case then start with something small that focuses on heightening the sensitivity of the penis or scrotum, working your way up to the more adventurous toys. Now you have been given the options and tools available to you, go play. Find that toy that suits you best and blast away to your hearts content! 


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