Keep Sex Hot In Long Term Relationship

Keep Sex Hot In Long Term Relationship
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Remember when you first met and you just couldn’t keep your hands off each other? This lust is hard to sustain in a long term relationship and gets harder if you start having sex once every blue moon. Well, lets turn this around and get your sex life hot and steamy again!


If you’re looking for the best sex toys for couples, boy did you come to the right place. Our collection is going to knock your socks off - or if you prefer to keep your socks on, that’s kind of sexy too. Footwear is always optional.


On the other hand, if you still think of your sex toys as a dirty little secret that you would never let anyone else in on, we think we can change your mind in short order. Because after you get a look at our treasure trove of items made specially for couples, you won’t be able to wait to get your favorite someone in on the secret.


And the truth is that even a solo sex toy can be used with a partner. You don’t need a bondage kit or a specialized couples vibrator to bring someone else into the mix, although once you put your foot into those waters you might find you want to take a nice, long swim. And we’ve got the deepest pool around.


Couples Vibrators


A good couples sex toy collection has to start with a couples vibrator. For many couples, this will be the go-to-item. It’s one of the most innovative and mind-blowing sex toys on the market, and it proves that someone out there really cares about you having a good time in bed, because they definitely put a lot of thought into this. And aren’t the best things in life the ones you get to share?


A high quality couples vibrator like the Lelo Noa will last you for years and years, giving you an almost endless supply of sensory assistance. Eve if you think the sex you’re having is great now and can’t possibly get any better, wait until the Lelo Noa has a say. With six different titillating vibration modes, it will send your lovemaking into the stratosphere.


One of the best features of the Noa is its simple, inconspicuous design. It’s not meant to be the centerpiece of your lovemaking, but a powerful little add-on that knocks it up a few thousand volts. Made of soft, flexible, durable silicone, it fits on the woman’s body to offer hands free stimulation inside and out. Its thin inner arm is designed to allow penetration, as its soft, smooth surface provides very pleasant stimulation for the man as well.


Simpler is almost always better, and that’s one of the Noa’s biggest strengths. The sleek design allows for use with just about any position you can imagine, staying snug during even the most rough-and-tumble sessions so that you can take your mind off of it and just enjoy the experience. The Noa adjusts to you, not the other way around.


While the Lelo Noa will be all that many couples will need, we know that some people can’t help but want to kick up the horsepower a little, and that’s where the Lelo Tiani 2 couples vibrator comes in. The design is exactly the same as the Noa, but with a few added features that take it to another level. With a more powerful motor, you can experience truly earth-shattering sensations for both you and your partner. The pleasure waves this little giant can deliver are so intense you’ll start to think you’re giving your neighbor and orgasm.


One of the most innovative aspects of the Lelo Tiani 2 that sets it apart from other couples sex toys is the unique motion-based remote that allows you to alter the vibrations you experience simply by moving the remote around with your hand. This allows you to customize the experience even further, altering the function of the six basic patterns that come programmed into the Tiani 2. It’s this kind of interactive creativity that really sets this great little toy apart from the pack. The Lelo Tiani 2 also comes with a second internal attachment that gives you even more options for stimulation so you can experiment to find what works best in different positions and what your body responds to most strongly. And don’t be afraid to take either one of these into the shower, pool, or hot tub with you, as they’re completely waterproof.


If you’re more technologically inclined, the WeVibe Sync offers a truly unparalleled level of control and electronic integration. Your smartphone has done a lot of things for you, but you may never have expected it to give you brain-melting orgasms. Well, the WeVibe Sync works in tandem with a smartphone app that gives you the option of controlling stimulation right from your touchscreen. This innovative app opens up possibilities that you probably never thought of, like Beat mode, which adjusts the intensity and type of vibration to whatever music you’re listening to. So put on your favorite jam, and when the music crescendos, so will you. Just like its name suggests, this unique couples vibrator helps you get in vibe with the moment in more ways than one.


Sex Toy Kits


They say that variety is the spice of life, and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to adult toys for couples. And while you can achieve plenty of variety in your sex life using your imagination alone, there’s nothing wrong with turning to a little outside assistance to put a new spin on your bedroom fun time.


A varied kit like the Dirty Dozen Sex Toy Kit will keep even the most fickle lovers satisfied for a long, long time. This kit is full of toys to use together or alone, and includes all of the essentials that you need to create a great basic toy chest that you’ll never get tired of. It all revolves around the fundamental classic couples’ sex toys: the cock ring and bullet vibrator. What makes the Dirty Dozen great is the series of vibrator sleeves in different sizes, shapes, and textures, which ensure that this kit will satisfy both partners over and over again for a long, long time, regardless of what mood or desire happens to surface on a given night.


Along with these basics, the Dirty Dozen Sex Toy Kit also includes a set of Ben Wa balls. Ladies, if you’re not familiar with these, then it’s time to change that. Ben Wa balls have been around for centuries, and while nobody is 100% sure where they came from, it’s believed that they probably originated in Japan. They are probably one of the world’s oldest sex toys, and they’ve stuck around this long for a reason.


A set of Ben Wa balls consists of two spherical balls connected by a string. To use them, get into a relaxed position and insert them in your vagina, pushing the second ball until they come in contact with each other. Once they are inside of you, making any kind of movement, such as pelvic waves, creates a very pleasurable sensation, even a slight feeling of vibration as they rub against one another. These little pleasure balls can completely change the experience of using even a common piece of furniture - like a rocking chair or a swing - in a way that you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.


But Ben Wa balls transcend the category of sex toy, because they actually double as an exercise device. Tensing your muscles against the balls helps to strengthen your pelvic floor, duplicating many of the benefits of modern kegel exercises. And we’re willing to bet you’ve never had this much fun exercising.


Not all sex toy kits center around manual stimulation the way the Dirty Dozen does. Something like this Fifty Shades Darker themed sensual kit combines sensory deprivation in the form of a silk blindfold with physical restraint and profound sensory stimulation from the included finger vibrator and feather tickler to create a sexy cocktail of sensations that will have your lover ready to explode from anticipation. Kits like these use the power of emotional and mental stimulation to push you and your partner over the edge into levels of ecstasy you have to experience to believe.


We have a fantastic collection of sex toys and sex toy kits that will fit your needs, no matter your personality or desires. The ones highlighted above are only a few examples to give you a taste of what you might be missing. Because once you’ve sampled our goods, we know you’ll never want to do without them again. And we know it’s our duty to do everything we can to take your pleasure to the next level.


The great thing about sex toys for couples is that they amplify whatever you put into the experience. You can get as creative as you like, and with the right toy collection, you will never be limited in what you’re able to do, so your love life never has to get stale or repetitive. Once you have introduced the right toys into your lovemaking, it becomes obvious that couples’ sex toys aren’t meant to replace a partner. They can simply help to make the experience more intense and unforgettable for both of you.

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