7 Best Sex Positions For Couples

7 Best Sex Positions For Couples
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Fantastic Sex is all about mutual satisfaction and climax. Best Sex positions are those that suit you and your partner best. We can help you make good sex great!


Is your sex life drying up like the Sahara Desert and needing a bit of excitement to reignite that spark? It is nothing to be ashamed of, many couples get drawn so deep into work, sleep eat, repeat that they forget about sharing those intimate times together that was once so fiery during the honeymoon period.


Let’s dust off that dry spell and find what positions will make you both scream, squirm and squeal for joy. 


The not so boring missionary


Ok, so this position seems like a bit of a giveaway. It is probably of how every sexy time starts off, but it is so heavily underestimated in its power to satisfy both partners more than adequately.


What makes missionary so great? Not only does it allow the penis to be precisely angled to caress the G-spot and providing deep full thrusting penetration, but it also offers a very intimate position for that all-important kissing and fondling. It’s a fantastic position that should not be forgotten about for the beginning and the explosive ending! It is a position that can be female or male on top. For those ladies out there, it is an almost guarantee that your partner will revel in you being on top, watching your body move and sway on top of his harmoniously will send him wild!


Yee-haw Cowgirl


This position is for the ladies to control. The most exciting part of this position is its versatility. You can remain on your knees gyrating on the inserted penis, squat over your partners erect shaft or even do a 180 turn and reverse it. Your lover will be left panting for more with this sex position. Not only is it so sexy for both partners but sex toys are so easily incorporated to add to the already steaming temperature. The best bedroom toy for couples for this position would have to be the, 4 Play Mini Couples Kit. Contrary to common conceptions amongst woman, most men LOVE using a sex toy on their partner. Do not feel it is taking away his ability to bring you to an orgasm through intercourse alone, as for most woman the ability to cum purely through intercourse is a skill set most woman only dream of having the ability to do. This little kit has exchangeable sleeves for both partners to taunt and tease each other with. Whilst she is on top he can take advantage of the very accessible clitoris. It will sure make her yearn for more.


Wine and dine it’s 69!


This has to be the most joked about number on earth. No matter what age or location, whenever the number 69 is said, suddenly adults snigger like children. This famous number is most certainly a popular position amongst couples and its name is certainly self-explanatory. The 69er offers the utmost closeness. This head-to-toe act of oral sex has to be up there with the best oral sex position. It allows her to take his cock in her mouth and caress his shaft with her mouth whilst he tenderly massages her clitoris with his tongue. The thing is there is no right or wrong with this position. Your partners mumbles and quivers will allow you to feel if what you are doing is the preferred method at that time. Play away, work each other soft and slow, building to a harder faster sucking to try and find that sweet spot that will inevitably lead to a mind-blowing climax.


Man’s best friend


The doggy style is almost every ‘man’s best friend’ position in the bedroom. It gives him the control to regulate the speed and tempo whilst leaving his hands free to do as he pleases. The best sex toys for couples who enjoy doggy style is the Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload.


Soft bondage has become a huge sensation in recent times behind closed doors, particularly since the release of the fifty shades books and films. If you want your man to feel a little more like ‘Mr. Grey’, then there is a bespoke collection of sex products for couples in the Fifty Shades range. This exceptional box of goodies has it all, offering the full works. Not only are these toys sleek and sexy, but so very tempting. Try letting him tie your hands behind your back or even use a blindfold, or vice versa. The vibrating bullet can be inserted into an anal butt plug. Not only does this spice things up, but it is a level of trust that both of you can share during these intimate moments. Let him take control of your body and relax, feel every nerve in your body leap with joy and tingle under the pressure of his pulsating soft shaft teasing you until your body can handle it no more. I can assure you watching your body wriggle and squirm at the mercy of his control will be a massive turn on for him and will leave him throbbing for more.


The saucy spoon


This position wouldn’t be considered the most fast paced, excitable position there is. Although it does offer a great deal of intimacy with every part of you and your partner being connected in unison. It can be extremely sexy slowing the pace down and experiencing every tingle and tremble with each gasping breath when your nerves are on edge from your partners touch. This sex position is female little spoon, leaving her body free to be teased and taunted.


Nipples on both men and woman, especially when aroused, is a very sensitive area so take advantage of that! Try something a little saucy with hot and cold techniques. It is amazing what sensations an ice cube can cause, start with the neck area working your way to her nipples spending time to gently caress the nipple before continuing working your way slowly down past the naval area to the clitoris. Then once the cube has melted begin massaging her clit with your hand, the heat will start emanating around the area from your hand which will certainly bring her to the tipping point.


There are many sex toys for couples to choose from but in this position, it is truly about tenderness to excite all areas of the body through touch. A tickle from a feather to a tweak of the nipples from clamps will cause all kinds of new sensations that will leave you both begging for more.


Please to your knees


It isn’t new news that men love it when their partner wants to take their hard cock in their mouth. It is an even bigger turn on when there is no asking involved. The want to do it is the sexiest part for him. Just take him by surprise and go to your knees and watch him buckle. Pay close attention to the head, your tongue is a muscle so use it! Apply pressure with your tongue, lips with a slight sucking and he will be forgetting to breath with the pleasure it will cause him. But be careful to keep the teeth out of the equation, that would sure make a quick mood killer. If he likes his balls being played with then use the free hand to gently massage him. Don’t be afraid to get in there and show how much you want to please him. Here is a little secret, hum whilst he is in your mouth. The vibrations will spread through his already tender head and shaft, which will certainly cause an explosive orgasm. You can thank us at All Night Lovers for that one later!


Flutter, flick and lick


To the men out there don’t short change your partner. Woman love receiving oral sex as much as men. Other than the fact that the sexual organs look different, both woman and men love the same sensations when it comes to oral. She will also enjoy the pleasure of sucking, humming or different tempos when receiving oral. But DO NOT for the love of god when your partner says, ‘I’m going to come’ then change the tempo. Keep the same pace when she is within touching distance to her stairway to sensational heaven, whatever you are doing at that point is taking her to the edge and going to cause her body to shudder and shake with a mind-blowing orgasm.


Try using cuffs, binds and blindfolds to spice things up when giving and receiving oral. There is certainly something sexy and naughty about being at the complete mercy of your partner when pleasuring each other.


The finish line


Don’t let that finish line make you chase for the end game. Be sure to take care of each other and truly want to reignite that spark. It is amazing how the addition of sex toys in the bedroom can rekindle relationships. Scroll through our products where you can buy couples sex toys. There is an extensive range so you will always have variety to choose from with our exciting kits.

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